Badrunissa Bhat

Mann Badrunissa hastam. I’m quiet a mixture of eccentricities,euphorias, utopias, passions, colors and words. And my artworks give a better intro of my soul.
A work of art is not just a canvas painted with different hues but with a touch of spirituality which makes it alive and speak to the world. For me Art is a language of Love which we speak through colours. My inspiration for painting: Whirling Sufi Dervishes that feature as a motif in most of my artwork. For me the whirling Dervish represents the soul, spirituality, love, and existence of a Divine force. In my paintings they depict my fire. They enflame and extinguish it at the same time.
I’m a keen reader of HabbaKhatoon, LalaDed(Kashmiri Mystics ) and more over my favourite Maulana Rumi,Sarmad Kashani,Ibn Arabi and other Sufi saints. I feel they write life. As I read them, I am filled with joy and colours and these take the shape of a painting on my canvas. Their poems and vyakhs seem to explain life from a bigger standpoint. I like to paint in dark colours. Red and black always help me express myself in a better way. My painting style is abstract.I am a college student, studying humanities- ‘Political science, English Literature and Philosophy’. I aspire to bring a change through my art. So people may understand their soul and feel the nature like I do. I see the world through a different perspective through my subjects especially literature. It teaches life, it teaches us to know our soul. I not only dabble with colours. Words fascinate me equally. I write poetry in English and Urdu. Aim of my poetry is to give meaning to life and its mysteries. My paintings reflect a mystical Sufi world. Colours have their own spirituality; each of them qualifies our different spiritual experience. My paintings have a symbol of moon also, as I consider it to be more spiritual than any other existent. Art is an expression of unspoken voice of Soul. It’s an impression of Holy expression. Spirituality sanctifies Art. To come in the spectrum of spirituality is like to close eyes to old ends and open the heart to new beginnings. Each colour is an Artist, a healer, a teacher in itself. I paint mysticism because it describes my actual self as we are not first human beings but spiritual beings. Only a passionate soul can paint and depict the inner self clearly on a mortal canvas. My whole desire is to burn myself away in colours of life.
Like John Updike said, “What art offers is space — a certain breathing room for the spirit.” Similarly spirituality offers life to Art and a better understanding. Art becomes a spiritual process depending upon the degree of commitment that you bring to it. Every experience becomes direct food for your art. Then your art teaches you about life. A spiritual search in art is like looking for one’s own self in eternity.

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