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My name is Eesaa and I’m from Old City, Srinagar. 25 years of age, I’m a commerce graduate and working with a central government department. I had been good at drawing since childhood and enjoyed it this much that I’d often end up drawing the “tough diagrams” of almost my full friend circle. However, I never took it this serious till a couple of years back when I actually started making pencil sketches. Art in any of its form has always inspired me and particularly I have been wishful of associating myself with photography, drawing & music. I started photography in 2013, but due to my busy working schedules, I couldn’t make much time for it and ended up with just shooting my friends, a couple of weddings & some landscapes; that too occasionally. I started making sketches in 2014. The imagination stuff not being my thing, I started off with portraits of celebrities; drawing from a source image. In a couple of completed portraits, I realized I was blessed with it. Everyone around was appreciating my work and more importantly, I was happy with the results myself. It was amazing to have this talent unearthed that had always been there. I used to draw sketches of my friends and random pictures back in 2014-15, but since quite time i have just been drawing nicely photographed portraits. Being a patron of perfection, I dedicate a lot of time to the sketches and try to make each piece brilliant. My busy work schedule as I previously mentioned, combined with the dedication of much time is the reason that I complete each piece over weeks; working merely for an hour or two each day. For the same reason, there is not much of a stack of my completed work, but as has been rightly said, “Quality, not quantity matters”.

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