Hurain Masoodi

My life is an abstract art, I the brush, paints are in my soul, artist is my heart.When I was a 5 year old child, I used to grab a pencil in my hand and used to paint my masterpieces on the walls of my house. Surprisingly I do the same activity today but the difference is just one, earlier I used to paint a fiction world, the world of cartoons and now I paint my life. Around 4 years back, the time when my grandfather who was very close to my heart died, some disturbing elements came into my mind. They were not letting me of think of something else. They were trying to talk to me. That is when i decided to feel them. I dipped the brush into my soul, communicated with the captivating elements and created the first painting of my art series namely,” AIDAH” .It means the one who is returning from heaven. I am addicted to the script I write. Every time I talk to the elements before painting a part of my life. Sometimes I dream my painting. I am more comfortable with acrylics. Today I have over 40 paintings, each having a unique story. I usually don’t plan things in advance. I just let it happen, sometimes waiting, sometimes wandering around until the right moments arise. I have realised that I don’t make these paintings but they have carved my life and art is my only friend.

2016 Participated as the Art Marketing Member and made Tattoos for World Culture Fest
2015 Clay Sculpting Workshop conducted by Ms. Sonika Sri at KNC
2015 Annual Craft Exhibition on 16th Oct in Adrith, the Diwali Mela of KNC
2015 Art Fiesta for the category of painting,Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies
2015 Art Fiesta for category of pottery, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies
2015 Art Fiesta for category of calligraphy, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies
2014 Jashne Chilai-Kalan , an exhibition at Nigeen Club
2014 Inception, THE WAVE OF COLOURS, an exhibition at DPS
2014 Dara Shikoh Art Workshop, Almond Villa
2014 Kashmir Spring Challenge Fest, Tulip Garden
2013 Kashmir Art Quest, SKICC
2012 Wildlife Week, poster competition
2012 Kashmir Art Quest for the finest artist of Kashmir, Season 3, Sangarmal City Centre
2011 Kashmir Art Quest, Kashmir University
2009 15th Inter DPS Children Art Exhibition Ranipur Hardiwar
2007 13th Inter DPS Children Art Exhibition Ranipur Hardiwar
2006 12th Inter DPS Children Art Exhibition Ranipur Hardiwar
2005 11th Inter DPS Children Art Exhibition Ranipur Hardiwar
6TH APRIL, 2016
1st position in Inter College Tattoo Making Competition held at Kamala Nehru College
9th May, 2016
Awarded the Vice Creative Head of Commxcelsior , the commerce society of KNC
31st May, 2014
“Hurain Masoodi , a student of Class 12th was hailed by Usha Vohra for her outstanding art.Masoodi presented seven paintings in Art Event.She informed the guesr that her grandfather has been supportive for her in exploring the talent”,published by a newspaper “Greater Kashmir”.
14TH March, 2013
Participation in the international art exchange programme “Kashmir Crossover”between American and Kashmiri Artists at OLIVE DULLUCE gallery , Missouri , United States and Ibn e Khaldun Auditorium , Srinagar , Kashmir.
May 17th, 2012
“Hurain “, 15, Kashmir – A selection from the Do Write Campaign, Chapter “WHISPERS FROM KASHMIR”. Painting got displayed in an online magazine.

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