Maria Mehraj

Maria Mehraj (23 year old) born in Baramulla, Kashmir. She is currently pursuing BBA- MBA.

She is a sketch artist (pencil artist and photo artist). Her sketches are notable for their refreshing simplicity, vigorous treatment and pleasing color.

She says ” Me and my pencil are Best-friends”. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I do believe their was a pencil in my hand. As a young child I could always be found drawing. I used to draw portraits of my friends and teachers while sitting on the back bench and fortunately never got caught. Having no formal education in this field of art, I improve my art with every passing day. I believe art is about interpretation and creating art is about taking viewer to another place or time. Art tells us a story, with each viewer entitled their own vision. I believe my drawings allow viewer to see the color of their own imagination.


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