Maria Shahmiri

My name is Maria Shahmiri, I was born and brought up in Srinagar. As soon as I cleared my 10+2 I knew my world is going to be different than people around me they started to plan theirs and I was sure about mine. I’m currently undergoing bachelors in applied Arts From Kashmir university. I have been into this course for 3 and half years now and still 6 months to go. Actually my parents always made me think positively about life which made me so optimistic about life that in the worst scenarios I used to inspire people. I guess it started when I was 7-8 years old and felt the urge to describe my thoughts about life I had become very sharp observer and later I used to grab a piece of paper to draw what I had observed in a manner that my parents used to appreciate the born talent me. The pictures used to be so precise and meaningful that even I was sometimes wondering how I did those drawings. Thus this habit sort of became part of self homework while my other cousin sisters of my age cherished playing with dolls like barbies I somehow could not reason myself without drawing these thoughts of mine. I have never lend my ears to the critics in the society but yeah of course there has been lot of critics may be because I’m a girl and also the reason I can state is all what I am doing is pretty much new and people don’t take it as a career option due not being aware about the future of this industry. As I kept strong and working on my projects I have seen even My critics appreciating my work, so I can say time is near lot of youngster will join this field. I like to draw things of compassion and love towards fellow human beings, things which bond us together as humans, things that arises hope and trust in life!

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