Rahila Yaseen

I am Kashmiri, born in Srinagar city.  I am a computer programmer by qualification , a socialist by profession  and an artist by choice .
I find peace in everything, that catches the essence of soul. I have been drawing since my childhood , I have participated in various art competitions and have proved myself best. The best thing about art is , it takes you to a world where peacefulness is understatement.
That is where I live with my pencil , happy and contented.

The best thing that happened to me is being Kashmiri. As a Kashmiri, I have always been surrounded by nature’s best examples and one of my favorite and from which  I find my inspiration, is Koh-e- Maraan (place where I reside) . I am blessed to have my mind set at peace mode with a glance out of my window to the starry Kohe Maran.
I believe art cannot be settled in forms , it has a free flow and can be ignited by an attraction and repulsion too. But categorically I have so far had opportunity to work in 7 art forms.

Nothing other than Allah swt is perfect. I am a keen learner striving to learn and make best of everything each single day.

In this era where mobile phone applications and television help in killing the time, I have always been wandering with my pencil. Not following the league not always make you stand alone , the appreciations and blessings from your loved ones encourage you to chase your dream.

Sometimes the silence of my art makes a roar and sometimes a caption is needed to make the chaos rest. Though my paintings speak out my favorite language that no words and sentences can do justice with. Yet I write from the corners of my heart to get thoughts off from my heart.

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