Saiful Mir

This is Saif 19 years old called as Psycho by everyone. I am from Srinagar and pursuing Bsc Biochemistry from SP college, Srinagar.

I am self taught no one ever has guided me. All I do is just by my imagination and also sometimes draw faces of the people I like. Few months ago I got interested in Digital Art.

I had never thought of sketching till my 2nd standard.What happened actually was that it was for the first time we were studying computer and we had to draw a computer on our practicals. For the first time I tried it and failed. I was not able to draw even simple shapes. I tried it many times but failed. I kept on trying and a student in my class saw it and started laughing at me loudly and made a joke of me infront of the whole class and commented that i will never be able to do so.I started crying and didn’t loose hope I tried it again and again and when I successfully did my first drawing, the happiness that arose in me that time is unimaginable.That was the time when the passion for drawing came into me. I start doing it eagerly and improvements started coming into me.

I never used colors and that is the reason my paintings are never selected in any competition because all they want is colors. Same happened one day when I went to a competition at Kothibagh Higher Secondary School in 2014 but a friend of mine took out my sketchbook and showed it to one of the judges.It was Mr. Arshid Sauleh a well known artist from Kashmir. He was so impressed by my work as I used to do all the shadings with a single pencil. He advised me to use different pencils for different shades and inspired me by gifting me a new sketchbook.This thing meant alot to me and I made sketching my life. Besides sketching sometimes I like to sing too.


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