Tabeena Wani

I am Tabeena Wani, 20, born in Srinagar .I am currently pursuing bachelors in visual arts at institute of visual and performing arts , University of Kashmir. As for the question how long I’ve been in the world of art I myself don’t know, it’s like I have always breathed art.

I’ve heard it somewhere “make the second thing you like the most as your hobby and leave the thing you like the most for your professional career” and i never knew this thing will influence my life one day. I am going to be a professional artist and i want to keep knitting, fashion/interior designing ,poetry and graffiti art as my hobby.
At school i was always praised for my art skills . I would go to every art competition representing my school and there were just few of the competitions i got 2nd or 3rd rank. So I decided it then that i am going to go into the field of art.
As a female artist it’s really hard to cope up with everything around you here in Kashmir. Its heart-wrenching when someone asks you “what class are you in, what do you do?” And when i say i study visual arts they’re like “oh you’re a painter, come help me at home someday we have to paint our walls”. Its a bitter truth especially when it comes to girls being an artist here . But I am not ever going to stop because they say so ,its the dream I’ve dreamt , a path i chose and i know my crave love for art wont prove disruptive.
I am thankful to my parents ,they have always supported me .

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