Aaishan Ahmad Khan


My name is Aaishan Ahmad Khan, I am from Shah Faisal Colony, Soura. I am 20 years old. I did my schooling from R P SCHOOL. Currently  I am pursuing chartered accountancy course.  I am a self taught artist I mostly love to paint landscape but I also do some sketching. Drawing is something that gives me relief, whenever I’m sad or feel frustrated I start to draw and believe me it gives me relief. I started drawing when I was probably in 4th standard, my inspiration has been my uncle  Mehraj ud din who is a professional artist.  When I was a kid I used to get amazed by his artworks. Whenever he used to come to our home I used to request to draw things.

As most people would be aware that CA is considered to be the toughest course of India so I get a little time to draw. Whenever I get some free time I take a pencil or pen in my hand or sometimes my phone and start drawing. Also I surf over YouTube and try to learn some new techniques. InshAllah I will try to become a good artist,  I know that it would take time  but practice makes a man perfect.

I request everyonethat never to loose your hope and  do that what you are interested in.

I thankful to  Almighty Allah first and then Gyawun that they considered my artworks for feature.

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  • ashu
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  • ashu art
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  • ashu_eyes_gyawun
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