Shafia Khan

My name is Shafia and I am 22 . I am from Baramulla and have done my schooling from St.Joseph’s school Baramulla , I just completed my B.Tech in CSE . Apart from studies I like sketching , interior decoration etc. I have no formal training I just learnt this because I love it and trying everyday you just get better , I dont get enough time to sketch everyday but whenever i get I utilize it to the best.
I dont call myself artist otherwise i think i will stop striving for more and more perfection because thats a huge title by which i want to be known someday , i feel everyone is creative its just some can express and others cant ,everyday when i wake up i try to learn something new
I don’t remember when exactly I started sketching but yes i do know when i try to recall my childhood days i always find myself with sketchbook and pencils i have won many awards for sketching i won first prize at district level once ,then i have won one prize in interschool competition and many more prizes in my school days .:)

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