Sadaf Bashir

I am Sadaf Bashir (22 years old), often informally referred to as sussanne. I am a student of medicine, pursuing my MBBS from a prestigious college outside Kashmir. My hometown is Karanagar, Sxr. I am much into paintings, poetry, and interior decor. But nowadays I pay much attention towards painting and poetry. I was a diarist since my very early childhood. So it developed in me a sense of writing poetry too. I remember, once I artistically drew a picture, of which I have no idea from where it came into my mind. I drew it on my neighbors demand who was my student back then. That painting of mine was appreciated by my neighbors, family and teachers of my student as well. His father put it into a frame. This inspired me more into painting. My mother also encouraged me into it. I am no professional in all this but it gives me peace. They are my all time favorite. I want to practice it more. I am thinking of putting Kashmir in my painting soon. I am thankful to my friends, teachers and Gyawun for appreciating and encouraging me more.


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