Taiba Bilal

I am Taiba Bilal, 21, a self taught artist hailing from Srinagar. By profession I am soon going to be a doctor Insha Allah, but along with my passion for Cardio-thoracic surgery there exists love for art. I have always been inclined towards art and colors.
I have been drawing since the day my parents handed me a pencil, Alhamdulillah. It has been since ever that whatever I put my hand in I come up doing good. I don’t have any story of inspiration because its my genes which make me what you call an artist. My father is great at drawing! From the very first line of pencil to every stroke of my brush today, I owe it to Abu ji.
I cant skip to mention my school, I am the product of valleys best school, The Mallinson Girls School. It has a huge hand in polishing skills. I belong to an educated business class family and my parents have planned of all of their daughters to be doctors, so I have never received any appreciation from them on face though behind the back they were the best praisers. They never wanted me to pursue in art so never boosted on it. But its in my blood so I could never stop myself from drawing.
I bring up old and new art styles, I am an adherent fan of unique art. I do my drawings in almost all the mediums, graphite, charcoal, pencil colors, oil paints and pastels, acrylic’s, watercolors, pens.
I know portraits, doodles, paint on canvases and wall paintings. I am pretty good at painting cities and all. I brush psychoactive art, my paintings are nature bearing, illusionary, imaginative. I try to picture the broad spectrum of world through the lens of art.

About my further plans I am not going to put down my brush till my body gives up on energy. I have big dreams, out of which my plan to open a chain of art schools world wide is one. I would love to see the world full of artists.


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